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Connecting People

The album Connecting People by Mikroelementy. The main design task turned out to be to present “The Connection” in such a way as to avoid accusations of vulgarity. We decided to put it in the hands of the users.

What made the applied graphic solution even more adequate was alluding to the band’s name with the form of the opening. Mikroelementy’s music is a mix of jazz, afrobeat and improvisation. We found the references to humour and Yass aesthetics present in the lyrics truly inspiring. We toned down the austere graphics by using a vivid neon colour and soft-touch foil.

  • Type of project Music release
  • Scope of works Cover and CD print design
  • Format / Length 140×125 mm, 4-fold digipack
  • Font BC Mikser
  • Date 2021
  • Client Mikroelementy