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The Penumbra Zone

The catalogue sums up a series of workshops on contemporary art addressed to blind and visually impaired people. The main topic of the workshops was the non-visual perception of art. The goal of the publication is to draw the attention of blind and visually impaired people to the accessible nature of modern art and to show the sighted people the perspective of art perception by those with visual impairments.

The design follows the principles of adaptation of teaching materials for the visually impaired. Consistent compliance with the recommendations brought about a number of constraints in the design process. The result is a dynamic, distinctive column and a grand format that gives priority to visually impaired readers. The decision to prioritise the text layer and descriptions while reducing photographic documentation to a minimum resulted from the abovementioned criteria.

We also wanted to emphasise the publication’s relationship with contemporary art. This is why we opted for colouring the edges and Swiss binding, which allows for a striking opening of the catalogue. Clear interventions in the photographs dividing the chapters are also an artistic measure. The cognitive function of the modifications used is an attempt to acquaint the sighted reader with the hindered perception, to illustrate the difficulties faced by people with various visual impairments.

  • Type of project Book
  • Scope of works Book cover, Book layout, Typesetting
  • Format / Length 200×297 mm, 96 pages
  • Paper / Binding Munken Print Cream 150 g/m², Swiss Binding
  • Font Soleil
  • Date 2021
  • Client Karuzela Sztuki / Center for Culture in Lublin