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Ester Singer Kreitman

A series of books with Ester Singer Kreitman’s prose. We have based the design on our original title lettering, structuring the characters on a grid built on the Star of David. The obvious inspiration was the author’s background. However, the grid is also a grating and a cage, and so in this case our ambition was to refer to the main theme of Kreitman’s work, namely her opposition towards orthodox oppression against women. „(…) her, Dwojrele, who was meant to become no one when she grows up, like her father once said to her – will prove to the world that a girl can achieve something too.” Ester Singer Kreitman

The series consists of the following titles: Lineage (2016), Dance of the Deamons (2019), Diamonds (2021). The grid, which serves as the basis for creating the characters was initially constructed so as to take into account the lettering of all planned titles. Fixed elements of the project: Grid with title lettering / Lettering and grid on the spine / Format / Type of binding and binding material / Layout. The variable elements, on the other hand, are: The colour of the metallic foil used to print the front cover / The font used for the author’s name.

  • Scope of works Book cover, Book layout, Typesetting
  • Cooperation Typesetting (Elitsa Rikeva, Karolina Zaborska)
  • Format 119×203 mm
  • Paper / Binding Alto 100 g/m², hardcover
  • Font Gentium Plus
  • Date 2016, 2019, 2021
  • Client Fame Art
  • Awards Communication Arts 2018 (Nomination), The Most Beautiful Book of the Year – Polish Publishing Houses Association 2021 (Nomination)