Próby z Dostojewskim

Próby z Dostojewskim

Próby z Dostojewskim is a selection of lectures given by philosopher Cezary Wodziński at the Centre for Culture in Lublin in the years 2009–14. The book also presents a series of conversations with the philosopher and his friends.

Opening of the book with a substantial quote from The Brothers Karamazov by F. Dostoyevsky translated by Cezary Wodziński together with the intention of the publisher to include long, complete fragments of the novel, gave us the idea of “a book within a book”. This idea materialized in the form of a smaller size insert, sewn into the appropriate block, printed on the so-called Bible paper (Offenbach Bible). The main block was printed on the Arctic Volume Ivory coated paper, which counterbalances the paper of the insert at the same time matching its shade of white. The book is sewn (black thread), has an open spine printed in black in the so-called Swiss binding. The inside of the cover is debossed to create space for the insert with Rebellion. This way “Dostoyevsky” physically presses into the cover and becomes visible on its front illustrating the trials from the title.

who Idalia Smyczyńska, Robert Zając
book 161×235 mm, 160 pages, paper Arctic Volume Ivory 115 g/m², Offenbach Bible 60 g/m², Munken Pure 400 g/m², paperback
fonts Gill Sans Nova, Joanna Pro
when 2017
published by Theatre Confrontations – Centre for Culture in Lublin
printed & bound by Petit

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