Traditional singing – models of education

Traditional singing – models of education

The publication is a collection of texts summarising the Polish-Serbian conference on traditional singing. The publisher aimed at a distinctive and unconventional approach to the aesthetics of traditional culture, which would avoid the popular codes commonly used in folk-themed design.

We concentrate on singing as the main subject of the book. It was our ambition to show the expression and dynamics of traditional voice in a literary way. We searched for a clear pattern, that is, a solution obvious for traditional culture, but achieved through technique connected with a different aesthetics. The novel result is the skilful application of the op-art aesthetics in the context of traditional culture.

The application of the concentric circles figure is worth noting as both filled with meanings and symbolic references to traditional cultures and, at the same time, one of recognizable means of visual representation of sound. The dust-cover-filter dictated the preparation of the motif printed on the cover, which resulted in an abstract composition of elements overlapping each other in a rhythmical way. It symbolises the meeting of two traditions understood as mutuality and exchange. The choice of colours was determined by Polish and Serbian national flags – navy blue, red and white.

who Idalia Smyczyńska, Paweł Szarzyński, Robert Zając
book 160×230 mm, 128 pages, paper Alto 130 g/m², paperback, semi-transparent box
fonts Karmina Sans (Type Together)
when 2017
published by Workshops of Culture in Lublin
printed & bound by Petit

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