T-Mobile New Horizons

T-Mobile New Horizons

The aim of the project was to create a visual form that would represent the relations between the protagonists. In order to do achieve that, a specific set-up was constructed, which, in its early stage, used the Kinect sensors to record the three-dimensional representation of the space, and later specific tools to edit the source material.

who Paweł Szarzyński
technical aspect animation and procedural data processing
when 2015
cooperation project of the identification of the 15th T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival is a result of the collaboration with the Zakład Otwarty Studio

The first stage of work was to gather data in the form of a cloud of dots representing the dancers in a three-dimensional space. We used three Kinect sensors placed around the stage to record each take from three perspectives. The source material was then synchronised and calibrated. In the first rough cut that was made, we deleted all data that were not referring to the silhouettes.

One of the challenges of the editing stage was the large amount of data gathered during each take. The average size of a singular geometry frame ranged from 90 MB to 300 MB and consisted of about 150 000 dots. The meticulous details of the geometry resulted in a long rendering time of each take.

Aiming at creating a monochromatic image, we used different coloured lights in order to control the image on the final editing stage. That helped us reduce the rendering time significantly.

The last stage involved working on the final image and character of the entire composition. As a result, we created two static graphics, which were later used as posters and three animations together with basic graphic motifs used for the festival’s promotional campaign.

An installation functioning as a classic photo booth was open throughout the duration of the festival. A participant was to arrive at a certain place, sign in with their e-mail address and take a “picture”. The difference lied in the previously integrated and automated production pipeline, thanks to which the participants were able to receive their personalised festival posters.

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