Open City 2013

“Open City” Art in Public Space Exhibition

Identification of an edition of the “Open City” Art in Public Space Exhibition, entitled UNI-JA / UNI-ON, curated by Anda Rottenberg.

The identity had defined colours, that is the colours of the Polish flag and the navy blue referring to the European Union. The letters used in the title of the edition became the main motif of the identity. The typographic composition became the starting point for a poster, leaflets and other advertising prints.

The final element of the identity was a bilingual post-exhibition catalogue presenting critical texts as well as the photographic documentation of the exhibition. The extent of one of the works – “Linia / Line” by Anna Molska, which was drawn across the city and referred to the works of Oskar and Zofia Hansen, encouraged us to not to present the main motif of the identity on the front cover (the typographic composition was transferred onto its spine). The seemingly abstract configuration on the cover represents the locations of the works in city space and is continued on the following pages of the book.

who Idalia Smyczyńska, Robert Zając
catalogue 165×236 mm, 224 pages, sewn and glued binding, soft,
paper Arctic the Volume 130 g/m2, font Calluna Sans (Exlijbris)
poster B1, font Collator (Faculty) and Kelson Sans (Fontfabric)
when 2013
publisher The “Crossroads” Centre
printed & bound by Petit

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