Kodes Festival’s Logo

The idea behind CODES is to juxtapose experimental music projects rooted in tradition. The notation of the name, due to its conciseness and semantic capacity proved to be a sufficient starting point for the graphic solutions. The decision to design a font based on pixels resulted from the idea to refer to the popular QR codes.

The construction was based on a modular grid (9 horizontally, 11 diagonally), where active squares form the sketch of the letters. The two-line layout facilitated the application of the sign. What is more, it highlighted the opposition of open and closed letters. The decision to write it minuscule created the opposition of extensions. The used variations made the composition more attractive and at the same time more recognisable. Last but not least, the extension of the modular grid enables writing the sign in a working QR code.

who Robert Zając
when 2009
commissioned by The “Crossroads” Centre

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