Visual Identity System

Visual Identity System

Centre for Culture in Lublin is an institution combining more than a dozen of units working within different fields of art and culture. The target group is broad and it includes people of different age interested in participating in cultural events. The main objectives of the identification design were: 1. to unify the graphic forms used by separate departments of the institution and 2. to emphasise the diversity of the cultural offer.

who Idalia Smyczyńska, Paweł Szarzyński, Robert Zając
technical details complete identity project, various media
fonts PT Sans i PT Sans Pro (ParaType)
when 2013
commissioned by Centre for Culture in Lublin
award Design of the Year – STGU Award 2013

Most units have their own identification signs, which they have been using to communicating with their audience for many years. That is why rather than designing our identity system around a single logo, we decided to define the graphic environment that would encompass all signs. In order to achieve that, we wrote a programme that would generate patterns inspired by raster effects. The generator is equipped with several functions to modify the base pattern, which enables each work to gain their autonomous character.

An obligatory element of an identity system is the font, that is PT Sans. Published under open licence, it guarantees costless availability for numerous freelance graphic designers. An important part of the project was also the concept of including the area surrounding the object as well as the wayfinding system in the newly-renovated building. Their graphic form was developed directly from the identity system.

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