Choreografia: polityczność

Choreografia: polityczność / Choreography: politicalness

Subject matter. Texts on choreography, contemporary dance and movement as socio‑political practices – a critical approach.

The project was definitely not to be pretty. The field subjected to frequent aestheticizations demanded, in our opinion, a down-to-earth typographic layout. Hence the Adelle Sans font and particular care for clear navigation. Asymmetrical column and unjustified composition enabled to dynamize the layout, titles in italics illustrate the kinetic character of the subject matter.
Rhythms are frequent lines and clear divisions: numbering starts with the first page of a block; visible spine with folds and sewing; navigation on the side of the block; barcode on the spine, roman number IV exchanged with IIII.

The cover. “Choreography” is highlighted on the front. Politicalness is embossed, but invisible. Noticing and decoding it is possible only once the book is open, that is why the world on the front cover is written in a mirror reflection. We assume that the embossed title will reveal itself with time, with the help of touching and dirt.

who Idalia Smyczyńska, Robert Zając
book 167×237 mm, 270 pages, paper Munken Lynx Rough 90 g/m² (book block), 300 g/m² (cover), paperback, swiss-bound
fonts Adelle Sans (Type Together)
when 2018
published by Art Stations Foundation

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