The Brothers Karamazov

The Brothers Karamazov

We present a frequently published novel of the European cannon in its new, modern form. The unique design manifests itself in the original approach to placing both the book and the DVD in one dust jacket, which serves as the DVD cover simultaneously. The aim was to create a publication that is simple and elegant in form, and will distinguish itself from amongst the previous editions of Dostoyevsky’s novels.

The necessity to find a place for the DVD alongside the book facilitated the creative process. A novel of such importance demanded us to invest in solid and refined paper materials and typographic masterworks. Nonetheless, bearing in mind the fact that the work was published by a public institution, we aimed at lowering the economical and ecological costs of the project.

who Idalia Smyczyńska, Robert Zając
book 143×237 mm, 840 pages, paper Alto 80 g/m² sewn and glued hardcover, (Geltex covering material)
digipack/dust cover 140×247 mm (folded), paper Alto 300 g/m²
fonts Joanna Pro MT (Eric Gill) oraz Sophia (Matthew Carter)
when 2015
published by Centre for Culture in Lublin
printed & bound by Petit
awards Gold Ed-Awards 2016; The Most Beautiful Book of the Year – Polish Publishing Houses Association 2016 (Special Mention)

The presented project is a two-element publication combining the new translation of the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and a DVD with the recording of the Provisorium Theatre’s “The Brothers Karamazov” TV adaptation.

Firstly: Although the book and the DVD were planned as a complete set from the very beginning, we have made the decision not to design a package for both the book and the digipack, substantially lowering the production costs and eliminating a product, which had been considered redundant by us and the publisher.

At the same time we had strived to find a solution, which would enable the end user to decide whether they want to store the novel and the DVD together or separately.

Secondly: the goal was to design a unique publication, made of top class, sustainable materials.

The colour of the cover is monochrome black, a patent we repeated inside of the book by inserting black pages to separate parts of the novel. The contrasts and the axial symmetry are the rules applied in the entire project. The experience of loss when the dust cover is taken off is intentional. In such case the informative function is taken over entirely by the spine.

Typographic compositions were designed with the use of the Sophia font (designed by Matthew Carter) inspired by the inscription etched on a 6th century cross from Constantinople.

The basic text was put together with the use of Joanna, a font referring to the 19th century lettering styles. The proportions of both a page and a column, with the use of the mentioned font helped us fit the long text on 830 pages without compromising the comfort of reading (originally the book was planned for 2 volumes).

The specificity of the used paper enabled limiting the weight of the book. At the same time it is a long-lasting off-white paper, which does not strain the eyes after long reading.

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