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The work was created for the exhibition “Ars loci – Obraz aktualny” a substantial review of the achievements of the Lublin-based artists working in the area of visual arts, which took place at the former seat of the Workshops of Culture, now the Labyrinth Gallery. The exhibition space was carefully designed on the plan of the x sign. The presented work was placed on one of the corner walls, or, to be more precise, inside of the figure.

who Aleksander Janas, Paweł Szarzyński
technical details site-specific installation, various media
when 2012
produced by Workshops of Culture

A custom-made hologram technique was designed especially for the exhibition. Interfering with the layout of the exhibition and the aforementioned hologram led to constructing an installation, which tackled the issue of optical illusions. By mixing the traditional ways of deceiving our eyes with digital tools we aimed at provoking questions about the so-called augmented reality. We tend to be convinced of the increasing influence the digital reality has on the range of our perception.

However, it seems that the more we integrate perception with virtual means, the narrower our vision of the world becomes. Extreme cases may lead to giving away the full control over our sense of “credibility” of the world, when we would not only no longer perceive, but also remain absolutely positive that our perception has broadened. Not only perception, but also interpretation of the world is delegated onto external algorithms. In order to facilitate our communication with the, we begin to speech their language.

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