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We are a design team bound by friendship, a server we bought together and love for the job. We work mostly in the field of applied graphic design. We use various media. In our work we concentrate on the informative layer and the user experience. We are members of the Graphic Design Artists Association.

There are currently 4 members in our team (their biographies can be found below). These are two duos; one specialises in designing identity and publication, the other works in the field of animation, interactive media and stage design. We do not have a fixed structure or roles traditionally seen in design teams. We adjust the organisation of our team according to the needs of particular projects. That is why we engage people from outside of our team in collaborative or advisory tasks.

We believe that designing means providing the service of organising content in its many approaches. The recipient is of key importance to us. The goal is to catch his attention with the form and succeed in conveying the message. He relation with the client is inherent for the design process, we always try to engage them as participants of the project.

We do not follow one school or methodology. There are projects that demand high level of discipline, when the creation needs to attend to a very specific need, and those, in which creative passion is our greatest value. We analyse each task with care in order to identify the problem and address it with adequate tools. We see design as teamwork, which leads to acquiring knowledge and cognitive growth and it can be achieved through mutual support, feedback and perfecting the workshop. That is why we attend courses and conferences, engage in educational projects. We have initiated and co-organised the 3rd Typolub Lublin Typography Meetings. We enjoy sharing our work experience.

Ready-made, technological novelties, literature, social sciences, Polish critical art, theatre. We appreciate the works of the Tukej-Medialab duo, associated with the Fine Arts Academy in Katowice, the Krakow-based d2d,pl; we follow the works of many teams, Inkahoots from Australia being probably closest to our aesthetics in the entire scope of their works.
Our masters are: Krzysztof Lenk, Krzysztof Wodiczko.

Aleksander Janas – creates visual identity for performances, stage design, interactive installations and animations. Conducting workshops in the field of interactive media and open technology, he also works in the field of education.

Idalia Smyczyńska – visual communication (especially design for publishing and visual identity). She graduated from psychology and the University Typography Course. She is the initiator and co-organiser of Typolub, a conference on applied graphic design and typography.

Paweł Szarzyński – animation, film, photography, TV and film postproduction, visual arts, programming, design and visual communication, teacher at the Warsaw School of Photography and Graphic Design.

Robert Zając – graphic designer (visual identity, publishing design). Philosopher by education, a graduate and friend of the University Typography Course. Since 2013, he has been teaching information design and info-activism at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the Maria Curie Skłodowska University.

Centre for Culture in Lublin
Centre for the Meetings of Cultures
Cultureshock Fundation
History Meeting House
Endorfina Studio
Theatre Confrontations Festival
The Labirynth Gallery in Lublin
Theatre Institute
Campaign Against Homophobia
Lublin Dance Theatre
Muzyka Kresów Foundation
National Audiovisual Institute
The Grodzka Gate Centre and the House of Print
The Crossroads Centre
Polish Academy of Sciences
Rewiry Studio
Stelmach & Partners Architects
Sztukmistrze Foundation
Musical Theatre in Lublin
Provisorium Theatre
Department of Social Communication of Lublin Municipality
Department of Culture of Lublin Municipality
Maria Curie-Skłodowska University
Workshops of Culture

50 Books | 50 Covers – AIGA + Design Observer Award 2017
Good Design Award 2017 by Institute of Industrial Design
Best Poster of a Cultural Event, Lublin Plakaton 2017 (Special Mention)
Gold Ed-Awards 2016
Edycja Perfect Book Design 2016 (Book Design Award)
The Most Beautiful Book of the Year – Polish Publishing Houses Association 2016 (Special Mention)
Best Poster of a Cultural Event, Lublin Plakaton 2016 (first place and special mention)
Design of the Year – STGU Award 2013
Theatre Poster Biennale in Rzeszów 2013 (Honorary Mention)
Best Poster of a Cultural Event, Lublin Plakaton 2012 (first place)
Żurawie – Lublin Cultural Award 2010

Photographs published on the website were taken by
Marcin Butryn
Tomasz Kulbowski
Krzysztof Kozłowski
Wojtek Pacewicz
Maciej Rukasz
Ignacy Tokarczyk

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